Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Need a baby shower gift that stands out over the others? Typical baby shower gifts are diapers, bottles, or baby clothes. What can you give at a baby shower that is different? Here are some unique baby shower gifts that will make you shine in the eyes of the guest of honor.

Instead of diapers, wipes, or bottles, try something like a shopping cart cover. It will allow the baby to travel comfortably in the front of a shopping cart while mom and dad shop; and it will prevent baby from potentially getting hurt on any part of the front of the shopping cart because it provides a cushion and room for plenty of toys to keep baby entertained. These come in a variety of colors and patterns so you are sure to find something Mom will like.

If the shopping cart cover does not seem like a good idea, you can try a Snoedel. It is a hand crafted sleeping aid that helps Mom bond with the baby before he or she is born. All Mom needs to do is keep the blanket close to her skin so that it will absorb her scent. Then, when the baby is born, the baby can keep the blanket with them so they can feel like Mom is always around. This will definitely be a hit gift.

Don't like the Snoedel idea either? Try a Welcome to the World Wagon gift set. The gift set includes a hooded towel, receiving blanket, sleeping gown, a short and long sleeved onesie, a bib, burp cloth, a wash cloth, and a pair of booties. It comes in pink or blue, and in a wagon which Mom can use to store baby stuff until the child gets a bit bigger and can use it as a toy.

Any of these gifts will surpass the standard shower gift, and prove very useful to the mother-to-be. You will not have to put much time into the gift, which means this is perfect for a busy woman like you, and you will receive many thanks.