Why You Should Purchase Practical Baby Shower Gifts

It's always fun to shop for baby shower gifts. There is a wide variety of cute ornamental gifts such as banks, picture frames, baby pillows, wall hangings, music, and toys. Many people think of baby shower gifts like these because they want their gift to be something memorable, something the mother-to-be will want to keep.

You may want to approach gift shopping from a more practical standpoint. There are many things most new mothers need outside of the ornamental gifts. One such practical gift is disposable diapers. If you know the mother-to-be is planning on using disposable diapers, consider giving her several packages of those as a baby shower gift. While it is far from cutesy and obviously something that will be used and thrown away, it can make a lasting impression. The new mother will appreciate the fact that you got her diapers so she doesn't have the chore of going out to buy them herself. While she won't have a physical reminder of your friendship, she will remember the effort you saved her. If you decide to get diapers, don't forget the baby wipes, too! Stay away from scented wipes in case the baby's skin is sensitive.

Another sensible gift idea is burp cloths. Every baby needs burping, and burp cloths are a necessity. Because of the messes they are used to clean, they may not last long. Some stores sell decorative burp rags, but your best bet is simple cloth diapers. The material is soft, and they usually come a dozen to a bag, which gives the mother plenty to start with.

If the mother-to-be is a first time mother, you may want to get her a book about babies. While it may be too late to get a book about pregnancy, there are many books published that covers what to expect during the first year of the baby's life. Books like this can be a godsend to a first time mother who really doesn't know how to handle many situations.