Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

What kind of baby shower gift makes a great showing at the party? A personalized baby shower gift, that's what. Take a look at some of these personalized baby shower gifts to see if one of these is just the gift you have been looking for. Remember though, you will need to plan ahead a bit if you want to get a personalized gift for the baby shower so that your gift will arrive in time.

Personalized Baby Blanket: Many places offer personalization of baby blankets with embroidery. You will just have to purchase the blanket, and possibly pay a fee for each letter in the name. If you have the extra time, you can shop around to find the best deal.

Personalized Photo Frame: If the baby blanket is too cliche for you, you can get a personalized photo frame, or you can make one yourself by painting the baby's name on a decorative frame. Keep in mind that you do not have to use the baby's name to personalize the frame. You can use phrases like, "Mommy's Little Man/Woman" or "#1 Boss!" instead.

Personalized Wall Clock: A great nursery decor item - and teaching tool when the time comes - is a wall clock to help Mom keep track of feeding times, and to watch the seconds fly by in the middle of the night.

Personalized Clothes or Bibs: A cute item when the baby is small, and a great keepsake for later, any personalized clothing or bib makes a great gift. Several different vendors offer personalization of items like this, so shop around and see what kind of deal you can find.

These are not the limit when it comes to personalized baby gifts. Wherever your imagination takes you, you are likely to find a personalized baby shower gift for the mom-to-be, and the new baby. The sky is the limit.