Baby Shower Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

If you need a baby shower gift, but you are short on cash, here are some ideas that will cost you no more than $20.00. Perhaps even better than the cost is the fact that the mother-to-be will never be able to tell that you only spent $20 or less, and she will be amazed if you tell her.

Try a bath tub mitt set for $10. When baby takes a bath, Mom or Dad will be able to bathe them with fun bath mitt puppets that will become baby's friends. It will make bath time a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Depending on where you get them, you may be able to find different animals, but regardless, the bright colors will help baby learn to see, and have lots of fun.

You could also try a baby music box for $8. It is a toy, but it also plays soothing music for baby. This will give Mom some time to relax while the baby plays.

If you want something that will help Mom out, but will also be useful for baby, try a diaper bag. Mom could stand to have a couple different ones on hand at all times, in varying sizes so that as the baby ages, she can downsize, or so that she can always have a back-up packed for a babysitter. You should be able to find one almost everywhere you go for less than $20.00. Diaper bags make great baby shower gifts.

As you can see, you do not need to sacrifice taste for cost. There are plenty of low cost options for baby shower gifts that will help baby and Mom. Whether you disclose the great bargain you got on your gift is entirely up to you, but it is safe to bet that no one will ever know.