Who Says the Baby Shower Gifts Have to be for the Baby?

When most people are invited to a baby shower, their first gift ideas include cute outfits, comfy blankets, and fun toys for the baby. How many people think about the mother herself? If you know your friend has all the typical baby shower gifts covered, consider getting a shower gift that the mother can use to pamper herself.

New moms, whether it is their first baby or their third, are often stressed. Night feedings, dirty diapers, and breastfeeding or bottles become their way of life. Purchasing a nice spa basket filled with relaxing soaps, candles, and lotions can help the mother feel human again - at least for a little while.

Gorgeous baskets filled with goodies also make great baby shower gifts. There are baskets that contain relaxing teas that can help soothe a new mother's nerves. Or perhaps you can find a basket that is filled with her favorite cookies for a special treat. If you can't find just the right basket in stores or online, make your own, filling it with things you know she loves.

Soothing music CDs are another great gift for the mom-to-be. These are not only great for the mom during stressful times, but can also be useful in helping calm a crying baby. Listening to comforting music may even calm the baby before he or she arrives.

Depending on how well you know the mother-to-be, you may want to purchase some cute and comfy jammies for her hospital visit. Be sure to get something that has easy access if the mother plans on breastfeeding.

Most moms realize that once their baby arrives, it's all about the baby. Giving the mother baby shower gifts that are specifically for her, shows her that you are excited about the impending birth, but still love her enough to give her something special.