For Baby Shower Gifts, a Registry Helps Avoid Confusion and Chaos

When having a wedding, we often do not think twice about registering for wedding gifts, but for some reason, many people do not think registering for baby shower gifts is appropriate. To a certain extent, this stems from the belief that specifically requesting items for your baby is rude. However, the reason why people have wedding/bridal registries is to avoid collecting duplicate items, and very often in spite of the fact that you can never have enough for a baby, the same thing applies to baby shower gifts as well. This is why registering for a baby shower is so practical, convenient, and helpful.

Just the way a newly married couple is not going to need four waffle irons; a new mother will not need five car seats and four diaper genies. Registering for baby shower gifts is not meant to demand that people purchase only the gifts the mother denotes as worthy, it is simply the mother's way of telling people what would really be most useful to her, which is the whole point of the baby shower to begin with. Registering for baby shower gifts is especially useful with big ticket items. You would not really be thrilled about your gift, and neither would the mother, if you arrive with a fancy diaper genie and find that someone has already given her one.

Registering for baby shower gifts may not be the traditional way to hold a baby shower, but is a beneficial way to have a modern baby shower where the guests are able to make sure the new mother receives just enough of all the items she will need for her child upon its arrival. Another benefit is that she won't be faced with the predicament of having surplus, not enough, or even having to ask for an exchange.