Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Besides the standard baby shower gifts like diapers, wipes, bottles and clothes, what can you get for the new mom in your life? The baby shower gift ideas here will make everyone smile at how thoughtful you are. There is something in this list for every budget and timeline, so if you forgot to get a gift and the baby shower is tomorrow, don't worry.

Nursery Items: This can be anything from a changing table, to a clock, to colorful photos that will help the baby learn to see and entertain them as they develop. With the incredible number of options in this category, you will not having trouble finding the perfect baby shower gift.

Toys and Books: Mom is going to need storybooks to read to baby, and baby is going to need toys to play with when Mom and Dad are busy. Try books that will engage the child's motor skills, and you'll score extra points.

Feeding Accessories: Think beyond the bottles, and try bottle warmers, cutlery, and dishes. Anything the baby or parents could use later on after the majority of baby shower gifts have served their purpose, will definitely come in handy. Think long term, and Mom will certainly appreciate it.

Bathing Accessories: As with feeding accessories, think beyond washcloths, and think ahead. Get Mom and baby something they can use a year or two down the road. Consider bath crayons or soap paints that toddlers can play with in the bath.

Keepsakes: Anything Mom can put away for baby to commemorate childhood will be wonderful, and remind them just how long you've been a part of their life. A footprint kit or baby book are popular choices for storing memories.

With this wide variety of options, you are sure to find a baby shower gift that you love, and you know that Mom and baby will love too. No matter what your circumstances are, you will not arrive at the shower empty handed, and the gift will be more thoughtful than money or gift cards.